Coconut Choc-Chip Cookies! Free From: Dairy, Egg, Gluten, Oat, Peanut & Soya

These cookies are absolutely DIVINE. The coconut flour gives an INCREDIBLE FLAVOUR.
Admittedly, coconut flour is expensive to get your hands on, but it’s well worth it!

Ingredients (6 Small Cookies)

170g          Coconut Flour (Tiana brand)
67g            Soft Brown Sugar
1/4 tsp      Baking Powder
1                 Salt (Pinch of)
3                 Egg Replacer equivalent (Orgran No Egg)
75g            Dairy Free Butter (Pure Free From)
1 tsp          Vanilla Extract
1 Tbsp       Dairy free milk (Almond milk)
50g            Dairy Free Chocolate Drops (Or Raisins)

Method (Baked at 180C for 10-15 mins)

  1. Set your oven to 180C
  2. Melt your dairy free butter
  3. Mix flour, sugar, salt & baking powder together in a bowl
  4. Make up your egg replacer following the instructions on the packet (3 teaspoons of replacer mixed with 3 tablespoons of water)
  5. Add egg replacer, vanilla extract & dairy free butter
  6. Mix with your hands, slowly adding some milk until the dough is the right texture* (Add more or less than 1 Tbsp if needs be)
  7. Add the Chocolate Drops
  8. Make into 6 balls and flatten slightly into a cookie shape (Not too thin)
  9. Place on non stick baking tray
  10. Bake for 10-15 mins (or until golden around the edges)
  11. Leave to cool for a few minutes before transferring to a wire cooling rack

*The perfect dough should squeeze easily, but not stick to your fingers

Tip: They are even more delicious served warm as the chocolate melts in your mouth! Mmmmmmm!


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