Food Maestro App- The smart way to source suitable foods (by filtering out your allergens)

Have you been newly diagnosed with an allergy ? Or do you just feel stuck in a rut when it comes to sourcing new foods? Either way, if you have to avoid certain foods, you must download the “Food Maestro” App.

About the Food Maestro App


The App is very easy to use, it allows you to set up individual profiles for each family member. On each profile, you list their various allergies/intolerances and it even has a ‘may contain’ option for if you have a severe allergy.

When shopping, you can simply scan a bar code on the product and it will come back with a smiley face if it is suitable, or a sad face if it is not.

Or from the comfort of your home, you can search for products by clicking the search button, clicking which profiles you would like to search for and then clicking which category of food you would like. (Searching products found in UK supermarkets )

I used to spend hours and hours trawling through all of the supermarket websites, clicking on each individual item to check the ingredients. But thanks to “Food Maestro”, we never have to do that again!

If you haven’t already, please get this app. It will save you so much time and effort. Anything to make life a little easier is a winner in my book!

Download it here: FoodMaestro by FoodMaestro Limited







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