7 Signs you’re an Allergy Parent at Christmas

  1. You started stock piling allergy friendly festive treats back IN OCTOBER. (You had to make sure they didn’t all sell out.)
    You’ve been to every single shop in a 20 mile radius to make sure you tick everything off your list: Chocolate Coins, Selection Boxes, Advent Calendars, Gravy, Bread Sauce, Christmas Cake…..(to name a few).
    Annoyingly,  because you did all of this so ridiculously early on, you’ve already used all of the chocolate coins up (as bribery), so you need to go and get more to be used as actual stocking fillers….. They will definitely be out of stock this close to Christmas!


2. Provided they are good boys and girls, in just a matter of days, Father Christmas will be bringing them lots of presents. (The kids have been reminded about how behaviour affects the amount of presents they receive at least 10 times a day since the start of advent).
The kids are running around with utter excitement, whereas you are in the background, having a mini panic attack about what foods they could come into contact with during the festive period.
Damn you cheese & chocolate…. there’s no avoiding you! Here is your new best friend

3.You’ve been racking your brains for days (maybe weeks) to work out what they can have for their breakfast on the big day. You want to make sure they have the “same” as everyone else. We are having “Chocolate Croissant Christmas Trees” here! Some made with “Genius” pastry and some made with “Jus Roll” pastry……just to keep things nice and simple………


4.Despite a dairy allergy in the house, you want to keep up the Tradition of Chocolate Decorations hanging from your tree. You spent an hour cellotaping ribbon to chocolate coins to make your own version (it took less than five minutes and quite impressive methods for the toddler to get these off the tree and gobble them all up! 🙈) We won’t be having Chocolate Tree Decorations again anytime soon.


5.You are stressing about the big day already, checking every ingredient with a fine tooth comb. Or better still, you have put your foot down and demanded that you will be hosting this year, so that you have full control over EVERYTHING

6.If you are on an elimination diet or are dairy free yourself,  you pleaded with your long lost relatives in America to ship you over some Baileys “Almande” (dairy & gluten free Baileys!)
Christmas isn’t Christmas without a sip (or two) of Baileys!


7. Lastly, you’ve done a medical cupboard stock check and been to the pharmacy to make sure you’ve got enough prescriptions to last over the festive period.
Prescription milks, Piriton, Epi pens, Steroid Creams, Reflux Medicine, Calpol & Neurofen. No one likes an emergency out of hours appointment for a prescription,  especially over Christmas!
(Remember you need at least 3 bottles of piriton – one for the car, one for home and one in your travel bag)

Christmas is manic at the best of times, let alone when you throw allergies into the mix. So please take a minute to put down your lists, stop baking and stop your supermarket road trips for just a moment. Take a breath. Give yourself a huge pat on the back. You are doing a wonderful job.

You’ve survived another year of allergies!

Thanks to your relentless efforts, Christmas Day will be as “normal” as possible for your allergy child and hopefully you even get a chance to have a sit down and a glass of wine and enjoy the day as much as they do. (just be sure to check it is dairy free wine… no, i’m not joking!)

Here’s to the fellow Allergy Mums- Cheers!

 Merry Christmas!



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