Top 10 Allergy Friendly Must-Haves this Christmas

Everyone knows December is a time for overindulgence. Having an allergy shouldn’t stop that!
Here are my top buys for this year’s Festive Period:

1. Moo Free Advent Calendar


2. Chocolate Coins
(Asda, Sainsbury’s & Tesco)


3. Iced Mince Pies
They even have glitter sprinkled on top!

4. Chocolate Tree Decorations
(Either D&D Chocolates- Found online or make your own with Supermarket Chocolate Coins & Ribbon)

 img_3022 img_3336img_3366

 5. Sweet Freedom “Choc Shot” & Marshmallows
(for Traditional Christmas Eve Hot Chocs!)


6. Free & Easy Gravy
You can’t have a Christmas Roast without gravy!
(Holland & Barrett)


7. Pastry Cases
Quick & Easy Canapes!


8. Christmas Cakes
Whether you opt for a Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake or Sponge Cake, they are an equally delicious treat for Christmas
(Sainsbury’s & Asda)


9. Chocolate Selection Box
(Moo Free or Supermarket Own Brands)



10. Marshmallows
To make your very own Marshmallow Crispy Christmas Trees


Can you think of any other must- haves this Christmas?
If so, comment below and let us know.

Merry Christmas! 



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