Heartbreaking: Megan Lee (15) died from an allergic reaction. We need to regulate and monitor allergy laws more closely .

As I’m sure you have seen in the news, 15 year old Megan Lee passed away on New Year’s Day.  This happened two days after suffering an allergic reaction from an Indian take away.

The two restaurant owners (from Blackburn) are being held on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter by gross negligence.

The poor family of this beautiful girl who died from allergies. It is truly heartbreaking. How is it fair that someone’s innocent life has been taken from gross negligence and pure greed?

In 2014, new food allergy laws were enforced. Meaning that all restaurants and takeaways had to tell their customers of any foods/ dishes containing the top 14 allergens.
Despite these regulations, some places are cutting costs by using things like peanut oil.  Then there are other places that are simply not taking allergies seriously enough. I went to a chain restaurant recently and asked for the allergen list, their reply was “we can’t find it , I’m sorry” so my son had to eat crisps and other snacks that I had in my bag as I wouldn’t risk anything. 

*If you find yourself in this situation and a restaurant cannot supply you with written or verbal allergy info, report them to trading standards immediately. 

I cannot even imagine what Megan’s poor family are going through right now. I hope these owners get a lengthy prison sentence with a lot of news coverage. Other restauranteurs need to be made aware of how serious their gross negligence can be.
It is unacceptable , we need these laws to be monitored more closely and fiercely. 
This simply can’t keep happening.  
My thoughts are with her family. 

Rest in peace beautiful girl 

Photo and facts from ITV News

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