2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse (Vegan& Free From: Dairy, Gluten, Egg, Soya, Oat, Peanut & Nut)

I’ve been meaning to upload this for ages! It’s the perfect (naughty) treat for vegans, vegetarians, those with egg allergies and multiple allergies! 

You may well look at the ingredients and say “whhaaatttttttt? Chick Pea Liquid????”. I know, it’s strange. But, it works!

Plus making the Mousse is easier than you would expect (If you have a mixer)! So no excuses, please give it a try!


  • 1 x Can of chick pea (use the chick pea water)
  • 150g moo free chocolate


  1. Melt the chocolate slowly on a low heat 
  2. Leave aside to cool (I often change bowls to speed up the cooling process)
  3. Drain your chick peas  (don’t throw the chick peas away!)
  4. Whisk the chick pea liquid on high (until you form stiff peaks)
  5. Check it is ready by tipping the bowl upside down. (See me doing it below) If it doesn’t splat, you’re ready to go! 
  6. Gently fold in the chocolate (make sure it had cooled to prevent it going gritty!)
  7. Pour into glasses to chill in fridge for 3-4 hours 

Note: you can use dark chocolate with a tablespoon of sugar if you prefer. (But my kids aren’t keen on dark!)

Need a use for those chick peas ? ROASTED CHICK PEA RECIPE 


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