Allergy Friendly Frozen Snacks & Lollies!

I am LOVING this sunshine! Nothing better than a bit of vitamin D! 😜

Frozen snacks are a must in this weather, to keep you hydrated and feeling refreshed. 

My go to allergy friendly options are:


This sounds so simple! But it’s easy to forget to do something like this! Freeze chopped apple, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, grapes…. whatever you fancy really. (Also great for teething babies!)

Aldi’s Coconut Ice Cream

We always have this in the freezer ready for a special treat! It’s delicious and perfect for vegans and those with multiple allergies (including soya allergy), you can’t argue with £2.50 for the pot either ! Which one will you go for, chocolate or coconut flavour? Always chocolate for me!

Smooze- Coconut & Mango Fruit Ice  

Sainsbury’s & Holland & Barrett stock “Smooze”. They are great for a healthy (shop-bought) treat! I will definitely be making sure my freezer is well stocked of these over the summer!

Frozen yoghurts 

Freeze your dairy free yoghurts into moulds along with some chopped fruit. (Use alpro Coconut flavoured if you can do soya, if not go for Koko Coconut yoghurts)

4U Lion Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Creams

These are a lovely (special) treat for the kids as they are in the shape of a lion! (Quite often free from foods are targeted at adults). You can find them in Morrisons. (Note: they do contain “Lupin” which can often be an issue with peanut allergy sufferers)

Chocolate Mini Milks! 

Buy the cartons of dairy free chocolate milk and make your own “mini milks”. (Check out those lolly moulds with big handles- perfect for weaning / little hands. More info below)

Frozen Orange Juice Ice Pops/ Calipos

Perfect for trying to boost Vitamin C, just pour orange juice into your ice popsicle mould and freeze! (I will also add some fruit lolly recipes at a later date.)

Finally…. let’s not forget about the adults here…..

Prosecco & Peach Lollies or G&T!

Aldi have started stocking Prosecco & Peach and G&T ice lollies!! These will definitely make summer play dates more enjoyable for the Mums!


If you are anything like me, I spend a LOT of money on amazon 🙈 Next day delivery is just too tempting! 


1. Baby/ Toddler Weaning Lolly Moulds These were brilliant when Layla was younger, they are a good size lolly (not too big) with a handle that is perfect for little hands!

2. Push Up Calipo Lolly Moulds: These ones are great as they are not too big and have a cap that you can replace if the lollies are not fully finished. I bought 6 as I’m forever having play dates and I’d never want to leave anyone out.

3. LOLLY MOULD: Last summer my kids used these EVERY day! The reason I like these ones, is because you can wash individual lolly Moulds as you use them, rather than having to wait until you have used all of them!


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