The Lengths Allergy Parents Take To Make Their Child Feel Normal….

On that very rare occasion where you actually eat out….

🔹You phone up ahead to check if they can accommodate for your child’s multiple allergies……. They can’t, due to cross contamination. “We think it’s best you bring your own packed lunch for him” 🙄😩
🔹You get upset for a few minutes, cursing allergies and wishing a normal future for your child.

🔹You pull yourself back together and check what is on the kids menu so that you can attempt to replicate it.

🔹You go out and buy thick oven chips that look like “pub” chips. (You need to make sure he looks like he’s having the same as everyone else.)

🔹You cook up Chicken Nuggets, Chips & Peas before you head out , put it in take away tubs and wrap them in towels. (Praying they will stay hot and not be too soggy!) 🤞

🔹When everyone’s food starts arriving, you subtly ask them for a clean plate to sneak your own “pub style” food on to.

🔹You watch as his face lights up and he gets to sit and eat a normal meal with his cousins.

❤️Mission complete❤️

🔹You take a breath. You smile to yourself, chuffed with how similar the meals look. 

🔹You wonder how many more years you can get away with these antics. You try not to think about the future for him, how you won’t always be able to make meals in advance. 

🔹You live in hope that restaurants will continue to improve when catering for allergies. And pray that he might even grow out of them one day. 🙏

What lengths have you gone to, to make your allergy child feel more “normal”? Please share if this resonates with you 

If you don’t already have a stash of foil take away containers, get some asap! They really do come in handy x  

Buy some HERE

Spot the difference! Two are made by me and two are made by the pub!


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