Wheat Reintroduction 

Thinking of attempting to retrial wheat? Hopefully this well help you! 

UHCW sent me a wheat reintroduction plan, I thought I would share what they suggested.

The following foods contain 2-3G of wheat protein when eaten in the stated amounts 

  • 1 medium slice from a large loaf 
  • 1 weetabix or 1 shredded wheat 
  • 1 small bowl sugar puffs or puffed wheat or shreddies 
  • 3 medium sized biscuits (bourbons) or 2 digestives 
  • 3 cream/ wholewheat crackers 
  • 2 rusks
  • 1/2 pitta bread 
  • 1 croissant 
  • 1 slice cake (30g)
  • 1 portion sponge pudding (50g)
  • 45g pastry 
  • 30g flour used in homemade baked goods (cakes breads e.g.  )
  • 20g raw semolina or cous cous 
  • 200g semolina pudding (1/2 large tin)
  • 4TbSP (60g) cooked spaghetti 
  • 2 large or 3 chippolata sausahes (check they contain wheat containing rusk)
  • 3 fish fingers (in breadcrumbs)

To ensure your child tolerates wheat , in normally eaten quantities , aim for him to have 2-3 wheat containing meals per day.
Start with 1 portion of the foods listed above per meal (2-3 portions per day) if no problems,continue on this quantity for a week
Week 2 increase to 2 portions of the food listed for a minimum of 2 meals daily (4-5 portions daily) if no problems continue for a week

If no problems, include wheat freely into diet.


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