Halloween Party Foods 

Pumpkin Purée Cupcakes (RECIPE HERE)

I used the cupcake recipe, but didn’t have time to make the icing too! I sprinkled the pile of cupcakes with spiders and toasted Pumpkin Seeds. I also used a marker pen on the satsumas to make pumpkin faces!

Rice Crispies (RECIPE HERE)

Cut into grave stones (and made using Go Free Chocolate Rice Pops)

Use icing sugar mixed with water and green food colouring for the base

Veg Sticks & Dips 

Use the inside of a small pumpkin for your dip! Salsa & hummus are usually the best shop bought allergy friendly dips (always check the back as some brands sneak dairy in there!)

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds (RECIPE HERE)


Haribo are a great allergy friendly treat for the older kids. (So long as they aren’t veggie/ vegan)

Jelly with spiders!

Hartleys jelly is suitable for dairy allergy sufferers (do check other brands as some contain milk!) 

I bought some spiders from here and added them to the jelly! http://amzn.to/2xBEIyd

I hope this has been helpful……Have fun! 

Please send me your pictures!!!


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