Allergy Friendly Frozen Snacks & Lollies!

I am LOVING this sunshine! Nothing better than a bit of vitamin D! 😜 Frozen snacks are a must in this weather, to keep you hydrated and feeling refreshed.  My go to allergy friendly options are: FROZEN FRUIT!  This sounds so simple! But it's easy to forget to do something like this! Freeze chopped apple, … Continue reading Allergy Friendly Frozen Snacks & Lollies!

Gluten & Dairy Free Hot Chocolate!

When it is cold, wet & miserable outside, there is nothing better than staying in the warm with a yummy hot chocolate. Here's how to make it in 5 easy steps: 2. Add "Choc Shot" to taste   *Depending on what you are able to tolerate, a few other Milk Substitues are: Almond, Coconut, Oat & … Continue reading Gluten & Dairy Free Hot Chocolate!