Gingerbread Bisuits 

I sometimes buy the Organix gingerbread men biscuits as a treat for my daughter when my little boy is in nursery.  (Because they contain wheat, he can't have them.) After recently making biscuits again and remember quite how easy they were, I thought I'd just adapt the recipe to make them into gingerbread men!  Gingerbread … Continue reading Gingerbread Bisuits 

Vegan Aubergine & Chickpea Tagine 

This is such a great dish- so long as you have aubergines, the rest of the ingredients are quite likely to be in your cupboards already.... Definitely my style of cooking!  This is REALLY tasty too. I actually ate it 3 meals in a row (happily!) Serve with rice, cous cous or even flatbreads. I … Continue reading Vegan Aubergine & Chickpea Tagine 

Marshmallow Crispy Squares (Free From: Dairy, Egg, Gluten, Nuts, Oats, Peanuts & Soya)

Have you got a kid's party to go to this afternoon and completely forgotten to make an allergy friendly snack? Well, this is your go-to! It takes minutes to make, then just sits in the fridge setting until you are ready to go. They look great and no one would ever know they are allergy … Continue reading Marshmallow Crispy Squares (Free From: Dairy, Egg, Gluten, Nuts, Oats, Peanuts & Soya)

💕Valentine’s Heart shaped Cocktail Sausages (Allergy Friendly)💕

💕Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 💕 I'm not really one for Valentine's Day to be honest, but thought I would celebrate it by giving the kids their favourite lunch!  Cocktail Sausages, Jacket Potatoes & Sweetcorn.   Sainsbury's free from mini cocktail sausages can be found in the free from freezer section and are £2.50 for 40. … Continue reading 💕Valentine’s Heart shaped Cocktail Sausages (Allergy Friendly)💕